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That is natural that all of us seek after making our living space nice and special. We buy furniture we like and devices that meet our requirements; we decorate the interior the way that the rules of comfort and fashion demand us. However, today there is a nuance, which essentially kills our mood. All the things we buy are produced in such a volume that their uniqueness is not even a question. What could distinguish your own home? How to give it its own line? What can be unique, nice, modern and make the interior a pleasant particle of your personality?

Most designers, professionals and art lovers around the world believe painting can be. Painting by talented modern artists. By people that live, feel and paint in our time, experiencing the same emotions we do, but having a good chance to express them on canvas.

As for the number of talented artists, Ukraine is a unique country. This is where Kazimir Malevich was born and where creative flowering of many other late 19th and early 20th century artists took place. More than 100 years ago, powerful schools of painters were founded here in Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa. Those traditions have not been lost even during the Bolshevik occupation. They moved into the underground and splashed back to the surface after Ukraine gained its independence in 1991. Today, the National Union of Artists of Ukraine counts about 10,000 acting artists.

Even the modern works of young artists are bearing the stamp of strong traditions of Ukrainian classical school realists and impressionists. In view of difficult economic situation in Ukraine, many authors significantly reduce the price for their products. Thus, we provide a unique opportunity to acquire high professional level painting at prices far lower the same art of Western European and American authors.

Our Art Online Ukraine gallery presents you a unique chance to see over the all diversity of modern Ukrainian art of painting. The gallery site presents hundreds of artists and thousands of their canvas. We render services of an agent for our artists and buyers all over the world. Since 2010, we represent, sell and deliver Ukrainian art around the globe.

If you plan visiting Ukraine, let us know in advance and all the pictures you are interested in will be prepared for presentation till your arrival. You personally will be able to see them in Kiev and choose the ones you like.

buy painting in Europe

If you are not going to visit Ukraine, you can choose the paintings on our site and we will send their photos in high resolution for you to make your final decision of purchase.

Our agents work in New York, Shanghai and Brussels. You can order presentation of our pictures in these cities. Prices indicated on the website are valid for other cities as well. Postal services account for additional services, no additional charge. No extra charge when selling abroad. We prepare all the documents necessary for delivery and specify in the declaration the cost that you want. In addition, it is possible to send the pictures directly from the authors. So, the painting purchase tax can be reduced for some countries.

- It is possible to send a canvas both on a stretcher and in a tube. The second method can significantly reduce delivery costs. On arrival, the canvas can be easily set again on a stretcher in any framing workshop next to your house.

- We are also ready to provide you with expert assistance in the selection of paintings and to prepare the image with a picture in your interior if you send a photo of the place where you want to fit it. This service is free as well.

Our ambitious goal is to represent Ukraine all over the world as a country where you can buy reasonably priced copyright works of all styles, techniques and trends of contemporary fine art.  Today we already have all what we need!


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